The new 20 packs were introduced in Series X, and are continued all the way through the next three series. Each pack includes 16 trashies, 3 special editions, an ultra rare, and a giant collector's poster. They are only available at Toys R Us in the US, and are exclusive to Toy World in AU.

You have a chance at getting exclusive trashies in 20 packs, so if you only get playsets for the trashies inside, you won't have to anymore.


US: $15.00

UK: 9.91 pounds

AU: $15.00

Contents (wheelie bins)

  • 1 giant wheelie bin with dunk 'n' fizz bag & 2 trashies
  • 2 large wheelie bins with 7 trashies each
  • 4 small wheelie bins with 1 trashie each
  • 1 mystery trashie on bottom
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