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JackTheFunniestMan JackTheFunniestMan 5 February

My Series I trashies is comming soon

coming soon

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JackTheFunniestMan JackTheFunniestMan 3 January

JackTheFunniestMan's favorite trashies

Awful Pie-Yellow

Rancid Steak-red

Putrid Sardines-red

Putrid Pizza-yellow


Stench Fries-red

Rotten Apple-orange and yellow

Smelly Fish-green

Scum Gum-pink

Slop Corn-yellow

Stale Bread-blue

Grott Dog-yellow and orange

Mouldy Milk-purple/white and white/blue

Garbage Egg-purple

Sicken Chicken-green and orange

Off Cheese-yellow

Foul Nugget-orange

Puke pods-gray

Bashed Bottle-blue and red

Stinky Soda-blue

Scummy Screen-black

Loo Paper-white

Crud Can-Green

Smelly Sock-Pink

Putrid Boot-purple

Rott Box-orange and yellow

Snotten-gray and pink

Toxic Trash Rim-green


Blow Fly-blue

Rancid Roach-gray

Noxious Bee-yellow

Sour Snail-green/purple

Mucky Maggot-gray

Rot Moth-purple

Bin Scab Beetle-orange

Germ Worm-pink

Disinfect Ant-blue

Scabby Cat-grey

Trash Rat…

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JackTheFunniestMan JackTheFunniestMan 3 January

do to get admin

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Tjerman Tjerman 3 September 2013


Ok I'm the youngest and your like 12 and I'm REALY mad I mean look at you I'm a kid and your treating me like I'm just your my parents I mean half of you want me to quit but no I'm staying even if I'm clearly invisible with phanpy back I mean I have 0 friends on here and my pages you delete them or laugh at them so you know what I think you should be ashamed

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Lizardninga567 Lizardninga567 13 July 2013

Can someone please unblock on the trash pack wiki?

Can someone please block me on the trash pack wiki please?

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trash packs are awwsome and my favorete one is spew ghetti

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Lizardninga567 Lizardninga567 26 June 2013

SE5vshow me how to unblock myself

SE5 I got blocked from the trash pack wiki for nothing can you tell me how to unblock please

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Lizardninga567 Lizardninga567 25 June 2013

UFT Trash Wheels

I have an idea there should be trash wheels with arms that heve wepons and they could fight post the letter s if you think its a good idea imagine how cool they be!

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Thumbwrumbler82 Thumbwrumbler82 2 June 2013

trash pack

seires 6 is coming out in the AU and seires 3 wave 2 still did not come outin the US

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Thumbwrumbler82 Thumbwrumbler82 1 June 2013


yesterday I lost my purple clogged camera! and the worst part is it is June 1

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Thumbwrumbler82 Thumbwrumbler82 26 May 2013

my trashie

who is he?

he is a grubz.

he is a wave 2.

he is from seires 3

he is A bin critter

i am a shark


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Tjerman Tjerman 2 May 2013


theres a new person on the wiki i forget his name though

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 25 April 2013


I'm pretty much finished with this wiki. After I've finished every series of mine and completed artworks for every trashie, UFT, and Scrap Racer, I'll leave. That probably won't be for a couple years though....

Also, I'm not doing anymore partnerships, so don't ask me.

Last, I'm not accepting ANY ideas for Series Y. If you see any of "your ideas" in the series, don't whine and complain. I already have a ton of things ready, and like I said before, I'm not using any ideas.

Oh, and another thing. If your page is sloppy, get it fixed up or it will be in danger. I am currently creating a template that says: "This page does not meet the Trash Pack Fan Wiki's standards. Please fix the mistakes in a month's time or it will be deleted." Yeah, I don't…

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 2 April 2013

Oopsy Daisies...

I left my SD card at my grandma's house, which means I can't upload drawings for two whole weeks. I promise that as soon as I get it back, I'll upload 10 trashie drawings.

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 29 March 2013

Some stuff...

First, Tjerman is being weird saying that he has more trashies than people (259 trashies), and that the only way someone would have more is if they were in AU. That's just sad, because I have almost two friggin hundred more trashies than him, no lie.

Also, I just got Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and I AM LOVING IT! I also got Paper Mario Sticker Star and M&SATL2012OG for 3DS! They are so fun!

Unnamed Series IV:

You can expect this in two months. Trust me, it'll be LEGENDARY! In the meantime, I'll be finishing and fixing up my other series. If you have any suggestions for special editions or ultra rares, please leave a comment below. NOTE: You will NOT get credit, but I'll appreciate the help. Try to make it realistic.

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 19 March 2013


Where did he go? It seems like he just disappeared from all wikis one day. If he's not back for a while, I'll give his section to EPICMAN7556.

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 16 March 2013

What are you entering for the Contest

Dripsy123: Trash Brown, Dustey Dustpan, Goopy Glue, Scareoplane Food, Rubbish Robot, Pongy Bonbon, Grottey Slot Machine, and Throw Up Cake, Dreadicine, Messy Molar, Toe Jam Toast, Barfday Present, Pukey Pillow, Banana Peel Split.

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 8 March 2013


On Facebook, Moose has said there's ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT until the big new is revealed! What could it be?! Please cast your vote in the poll on the home page!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 7 March 2013

I'm so sorry guys...

I will not be doing the Trashie Fun issues anymore. It's almost like a homework assignment. It's just too much pressure because the issues are so big. I really didn't want to cancel it, as it only ran for 2 issues, but I need to ge the pressure off my shoulders.

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 5 March 2013

Sorry For Delay...

I'm really tired right now. You can expect the new issue tomorrow.

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 27 February 2013


Moose has replied to my email once again! Except this time, they said that they loved our ideas and will consider for future development! Series 5 and UFT Glow Mania are top secret, and they said they couldn't give me any details yet. The Barrel of Trashies is AU exclusive. :(

Anyways, great work TP fans! Make sure to prepare for the new UFT Ultimate Series!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 26 February 2013

Trashie Fun Issue 2

Hello and welcome to Trashie Fun Issue 2! In this issue, I will review and discuss the normal line of The Trash Pack and what this product is coming to.

  • 1 Review
  • 2 Complaints
  • 3 Rating
  • 4 Tips & Ideas
    • 4.1 Tips:
    • 4.2 Ideas:
  • 5 News
  • 6 Thanks!

Who remembers the good days of Series 1? Well I don't necessarily, since I started collecting in August 2012. I still managed to get almost all of the trashies from Series 1. I thought it was a brilliant idea, selling gross guys to young boys (and even some girls too). Genius marketing. The GIDs, in my opinion, were the best special edition. I also liked the Bin-Fections, which were transparent. Series 1 even went on to become one of the most wanted toys for Christmas!

Series 2 was also a hit, but the moldy trashies, as most…

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 25 February 2013

I'm Sorry Guys

My new issue got deleted right when I finished it, thanks to gosh dang freaking Internet Explorer! I'll have it up tomorrow, when I'm up to typing it again. :(

Update: I'm feeling better now, so as long as it doesn't screw up again, I'll type it now.

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Anthonyhat Anthonyhat 23 February 2013

the blocker

the one who made this wiki is a blocker on trash packs wiki so i think we sill block her or him for my pay she or he blocked me i block her or him simple if she blocks me on this wiki i will get relly angry lava will come out my ears and  i will leve ervey wiki i been on and never go back on theam

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 22 February 2013

New Issue

I'll be making one on Monday. Well, I'll make a new issue every monday. I've already got the second issue almost finished, but you'll have to wait. BTW, I'd like to know if I should continue doing this or not. Is it worth it?

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 22 February 2013

Dripsy's Drawing Service

Are you tired of drawing Trashies, or think that you are a bad drawer. Well just comment which Trashie you want me to draw and I'll draw it for you. But I can do one Trashie a time.

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 19 February 2013

Question for everyone

I'm just curious what is your favourite Trashie in my Series 7 and what is your least favourite.

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 19 February 2013

Drawing Trashie Tips

As you might know I'm Dripsy123 and I'll tell you my Trashie drawing tips. First plan your Trashies.

Step1:Expression-Most famous expressions are the Trashies itself are acting how you will feel like if you are interacting with its species. For example Smelly Onion is crying because when you chop onions you cry.

Step2:Eyes -Trash pack has used lots of different eyes most of them have their eyelids up or looking stupid or crazy. The eyes are better if you make them big.

Step3:Shoes- Most Trashies have their shoes together, remember that the hole must go somewhere.

Step4:Dirtiness-Trashies MUST look dirty. It is just simple just add slime, goo, bugs and flies, broken and cracked parts etc

COLOURS: Once you planned your Trashie's look draw it with…

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 19 February 2013

Trashie Fun Issue 1

Hello and welcome to the very first issue of Trashie Fun! Here, I'll talk to you about new, ideas, and even some trivia! For this issue, I'd like to review UFTs.

  • 1 Review
  • 2 Complaints
  • 3 Rating
  • 4 Tips & Ideas
    • 4.1 Tips:
    • 4.2 Ideas:
  • 5 News
  • 6 Thank You!

Okay, so I got my first UFTs yesterday. Where did I find them? Toys R Us. I loaded up on three 12 Packs and eight 1 Packs! I even got both arenas! I brought them home and opened them up. I was pleased to find that the trashies had great detail. One thing I was confused about was why the trashies in the 12 Packs couldn't swap weapons. In Reaganzilla's video, he must have gotten the early versions.

Next was the Spin Bins. They were a little small for my taste, but eh. I was overjoyed to find that not only did Cack …

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 18 February 2013


I just got a brand new Windows 8 laptop! Time for loads of more edits!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 18 February 2013


I just loaded up on 'em at Toys R Us! They are amazing! My favorite is Tossed Spaghetti (I didn't et Beaten Egg), and I've got both arenas and 8 spin bins! I'm loving them! I recommend them to any trashie fan!

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 15 February 2013


Why do I have the feeling Moose has been on this site. They could have used Supereggy's toilet idea. Hmmmmmmmmm

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 30 January 2013

Sonic Shorts

I just love those on Youtube I wish someone could make a Sonic Shorts fan wiki. I could but I can't make a wiki right now I'm not using a computer.

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Dani3204 Dani3204 24 January 2013

My Fav Trashies!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 21 January 2013


Hooray! I just picked up some 5 packs of Series 3 and a Dunk 'n' Fizz bag from Series 2! The Dunk 'n' Fizz bag had Alley Alien, and two other new ones! I only need Grot Bot to complete Series 2! Anyways, the 5 packs had three Wall-Crawlers and no new trashies. I got red Poo-Tato Chips, purple Poo-Tato Chips, and purple Sickly Sweets! Now I only need Burpy Slurpy and Rotty Pop, my two favorites, to complete wave 1!

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Orbitball Orbitball 19 January 2013

Trashie Tournament

Ok,here is gonna be an activity you guys will do.I have 149 trashies.The 100 with the most votes go to round 2.You vote 20 times.You can vote for the same trashie,or different ones.

Ex:I vote Orange Loch Mess 20x

Ex:I vote Red Rock Roach 10x I Vote Yellow Poo Pew 10x

So,you get it?Comment who you vote and i will add them.Next one comes.........Tuesday!

Yellow Kruddy Kennel:

Orange Broken Blender:

Blue Junkasaur:

Green Cery-ill:

White Spew-ghetti:

White Garbage Egg:

White Vul-Gore:

Orange Loch Mess:5

White Yuk Duck:

Yellow Rotten Roll:

Red Sore-Berry:

Green Bum Bug:

Red Grot Bot:

Purple Slime Python:

Red Rock Roach:

Blue Flu Virus:

Gray Gobbles:

Blue Vile-Hi-Fi:

Blue Maggot Meatball:

Red Trash Blaster:

Red Skweevil:

Green Bin Fire:

Yellow Putrid Pizza:

White Scummy S…

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 19 January 2013


I finally got a different Movie Trash! It's a purple Grotty Coffee! I had to trade for it though, which isn't as satisfying as getting it for real...

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Supereggy5 Supereggy5 17 January 2013

The Grubz U.S Hurt or Heal

  • Globstopper HP 10
  • Savoury Sweets HP 10
  • Tough Turkey HP 10
  • Doh Dough/Droopy Dough HP 10
  • Steak Mistake HP 10
  • Sham-Burger HP 10
  • Barf Beans HP 10
  • Puke-Cumber HP 10
  • Stenchilada HP 10
  • Grottage Cheese HP 10
  • Slopsicle HP 10
  • Slop Tart  HP 10
  • Stinky Twinkie HP 10
  • Awful Waffle HP 10
  • Rotton Candy  HP 10
  • Snot Chocolate HP 10
  • Bunion Ring HP 10
  • Tough Toffee HP 10
  • Car-Rott HP 10
  • Sludge Brownie HP 10
  • Puke Soup HP 10
  • Smell-itin HP 10
  • Pee Punch HP 10
  • Barfana HP 10
  • Slime-o Bacon HP 10
  • Pan-Wastes HP 10
  • Farty Fries HP 10
  • Pee-Nut Butt-er HP 10
  • Foul Flapjack HP 10
  • Greasy Bacon HP 10
  • Slimy Syrup HP 10
  • Sweaty Swiss HP 10
  • Mucky Mash HP 10


I'll go first.

HURT: Farty Fries. (Don't know how you can make it look different than Stench Fries) …

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Supereggy5 Supereggy5 17 January 2013

Teams Hurt or Heal

If you hurt a team, you take 1 HP away, but if you heal it, you give it 1 HP.


















Give a reason why you're hurting/healing. You may do both in one turn.



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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 16 January 2013


I'm currently working on 5 different series! It's almost overwhelming, but I know I can do it! I'll eventually finish each one and create pages for all of the trashies!

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 16 January 2013

Ultimate Series Showdown

Vote which trashie is better

Round 1:Trashketball 1st VS Lost Basketball 2nd

Round 2: Dirty Dragonfly 1st VS Gooey Dragonfly 3rd VS Dragon-Die 3rd

Round 3: Pan-Wastes 2nd VS Foul Flapjacks 1st

Round 4: Slime-O Bacon 2ndVS Greasy Bacon 1st

Round 5: Gungey Spongy 1st VS Sanitary Sponge 2nd

Round 6: Pain Mantis 1st VS Dead Mantis 2nd

Round 7: Phoney Phone 2nd VS Smell-Phone 1st

Round 8: Cracked Computer 1st VS Compooter 2nd

Round 9: Soggy Steak 2nd VS Steak Mistake 1st

Round 10: Dumped Drum 1st VS Smacker 2nd

Round 11: DimDim 2nd VS Busted Bulb 1st

Round 12: Slimpede 1st VS Centi-Peed 2nd

Round 13: Stale Mail V1 VS Stail Mail V2

Round 14: Splinter Printer VS Pathetic Printer

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 15 January 2013

Wii U!

I got one for Christmas! It's the black one! Nintendo Land is awesome, and I bought New Super Mario Bros. U! The Wii U and it's games are awesome and I love the new Gamepad controller!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 14 January 2013

Skylanders Giants

I've got over 20 skylanders and 4 giants! I'm hoping to get a lightcore Gill Grunt! (Is there one?) I've got it for PS3! I just barely got Crusher and Swarm!

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 14 January 2013

Series 1!

I'm starting to feel less and less like I've missed out! I bought 11 2-packs, then 5 more, then the collector's case and 2 12-packs! I've got 4 Bin-Fections: Chicky Pox=2, Flu Virus=1, and Moo Cow Disease=1! Sadly, they're all yellow. I'm hoping to get Flesh Eating Virus! Excluding limited-editions, I still need 12 more trashies to complete Series 1! Hooray! 

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 13 January 2013

Gloomy Wiki

This wiki needs a splash of color and more visitors so someone should advertise this wiki or something

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Phanpy444 Phanpy444 12 January 2013

Trashy Torch = annoying!

Ugh. I've got five of 'em. Trashy Torch. Three red. Two purple. Anyways, I'm really sick of him. He's the only wall-crawler movie trashie I've ever gotten! All I want is a Burpy Slurpy or Rotty Pop! Is that too much to ask?

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 10 January 2013

I Love Drawing

I love drawing so much comment and say a list of trashies you want me to draw and send onto the wiki.

TRIVIA:The Limited editions pic on Series 6 Limited Editions has been sent to Moose. The manager said that Trashy Tiara was her favourite.

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 9 January 2013

New Category Idea

Here it is Bin-Ternal Organs it has stuff like kidneys and hearts and stuff like that.

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Dripsy123 Dripsy123 7 January 2013

Special Edition Idea

I've got a special edition idea but I don't want to use them.

It is Roller Trashies. They're trashies with wheels so you can roll them around.

Can someone lacking special editions use them but first let me know ok.

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Random12 Random12 7 January 2013


Why does everyone make series now? I used to be the only one who did that.

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