Bum-Per Cars are remote control bumper cars made by Moose. The cars are made to withstand bumps. There are 10 Bum-Per Cars to collect, and 20 exclusive Trashies. There is an arena included in the Starter Pack. You are supposed to put 2 Bum-Per Cars in the arena and try to knock the opponent off the arena. You can also hit the Bum-Per car in the rear and the Trashie inside will eject and make a BOOOINNNNGGGGG!! sound. Whoever stays in the arena or still has their Trashie in the car wins.


  • Starter Pack: Includes 1 Bum-Per Car, 2 Trashies, remote control and an arena.
  • Booster Pack: Includes 1 Bum-Per Car, 2 Trashies and a remote control.
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