Collection 5 is the Trading Card series for Series 7.

The tins are: Tough Toffee (with Tough Toffee), Gummy Worms (With Bog Bookworm) , & Junk Jellies (With Slime Lime).

The Special Editions are 3D,  and the Limited Editions are holographic.

The bottoms of the cards are purple.

The dice are: Purple, cyan, grey.


Putrid Pancakes "Flip that trash over!"

Common, Glossy

Car-Rott "Remember to eat your trash" Common, Glossy
Crummy "Not lovin' the oven?"

Common, Glossy

Slime Lime "It's slime time!"

Common, Glossy

Rotton Candy "No one can standy this candy!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Garbo Jello "This serve of jelly sure is smelly" SE, Glossy/3D
Tough Toffee "Have a crack at this toffee!" Common, Glossy
Junk Juice "An amazing trashy new drink!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Bunion Ring "Don't eat too much JUNK food!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Snot Chocolate "Drink it while it's snot" Common, Glossy
Mucus Meat "It is snot tasty at all!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Tampered Toolbox "Going Nuts!" Common, Glossy
Grimey Globe "It's a scrap map!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Chiller "Freeze a grotty good fellow" Common, Glossy
Manky Hanky "I think sneeze gotta cold!" Common, Glossy
Gungey Spongy "At the scar wash!" SE, Glossy/3D
Busted Bulb "Shocked by my light?" Common, Glossy
Goo Glue "This glue is icky like spew!" Common, Glossy
Horrid Hat "A bad hatter's party" Common, Glossy
Oozey Hourglass "In the ick of time" Common, Glossy
Toothwaste "Don't forget to brush your cack!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Cheezy Comic "This comic book is sick!" Common, Glossy
Lousy Lantern "Always have a fright light" Common, Glossy
Pooey Plunger "I'm taking the plunge!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Hackneyed Heater "That's snow heater!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Per-Fume "This perfume really stinks!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Pain Mantis "Kung spew wanna be"

Rare, Glossy/Metallic

Bog Bookworm "Hurling up with a good book" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Splutterfly "Splutter into the gutter!" Common, Glossy
Dusty Dustmites "Another one bites the dustmite" Common, Glossy
Mut-Ant "Just glow with the flow" SE, Glossy/3D
Foul Fruit Fly "Berry, berry disgusting!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Sick-Ada "A buggy shedding problem!" Common, Glossy
Dirty Dragonfly "Pong with the wind!" Common, Glossy
Bleached Leech "It sucks to be you!" Common, Glossy
Sucksaphone "Wanna to hear some junk jazz?" Common, Glossy
Smello Cello "Playin' at the ick-astra Common, Glossy
Scar Guitar "Get it at the right trash tune!" Common, Glossy
Eek-Arina "The Legend of Smellda!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Dumped Drum "Beat it!" SE, Glossy/3D
Sick Xylophone "The mucky sound of spew-sic" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Harmed Harmonica "NOTE to self, don't play with the trash" Common, Glossy
Alley Accordion "Looks like you're in a knot!" Common, Glossy
Boggy Bagpipes "The instrument of Snotland!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Pee-Ano "The thing playing the song is starting to pong!" Common, Glossy
Cack Racket "A really trashy match!" Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Foul Ball "Splatter Up!" SE, Glossy/3D
Bin Pin "STINK STRIKE!" Common, Glossy
Toxin Glove "Shock it to you!" Common, Glossy
Shuttle-Shock "Fancy a game of bad-minton?" Common, Glossy
Shocky Puck "Lice Hockey!" Common, Glossy
Hurling Stone "Junk on ice!" Common, Glossy
Filth Fossil "There's something filthy on display!" Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Muck Mineral "The guy's a gold digger" Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Ruined Relic "Smashed to trash!" Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Sickly Shell "Trash by the seashore!" Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Dingy Dino Bones "Ya dig the garbage!" Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic
Atomic Artifact "Dug up some trash!"

Ultra Rare, Glossy/Metallic

Cacky Chip "It ain't good to make a sweat bet!" LE, Holographic
Spew-Lette Wheel "Spin it, to bin it!" LE, Holographic
Trashure Jackpot "All that glitters isn't mold" LE, Holographic
Wreck Deck "Wanna play some cackjack?" LE, Holographic
Snotty Slot Machine "Whatta sore loser" LE, Holographic


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