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Collection 0 trading card tin

Collection 0 are Trading Cards for Series 10.The commons are glossy,rares and ultra rares are metalic,SE's are bouncy cards(which can bounce like real trashies) and LE's are holographic.Power up Cards get replaced

by a Group Heading Cards(picture on front,team bio on back).The Tins are: Owww! Powder,Off Poridge and Snot Chips.The dice colours are White,Brown and Purple.There are 155 to collect'n'swap

Name Rarity TC Line
Tough Dough Rare The Doughs Tough!
Crud Coke Rare When the can leaks,You Bleach!
Sour Milk Common Sour Milk = Sour Face
Juiceless SE The name speaks the Truth!
Shock Chocolate Common Dairy Milk Shockolate
Mouldy Mandarin Rare Coverd in mould and perfect for You!
Snot Chips Common Extra Hotty,Extra Snotty
Waterless Mellon Ultra Rare 0% Water
Off Poridge Rare Oat exposion!
Crummy Cucumber Common Peal to KILL!
Puking Pastel Rare I spew,You spew!
The Grubz Rare (Grubz Team Bio)
Ouch Couch Rare Spring Ya' Butt!
Cacky Computer Common Icky pixels!
Owww! Powder SE The Unclean Mechine!
Tacky TeliVision Common Where's the Pee Remote?
Pesk Desk Common This Desk is Pesky!
Gunky Sunglasses Common Broken Lenses!
Dirty Shirt Rare Dirt Mixed With Shirt!
Putrid Pants Ultra Rare It's a Pain Stain!
Slow Slowcooker Common Make Spewy Stew!
Hard Rubbish Rare (Hard Rubbish Team Bio)
Shockroach Rare Shock Ya' Roach
Dead Beetle Common The Beatle Died!
Bugging Bug Rare Stop Bugging Me!
Pant Ant Ultra Rare The slow ant
Mucky Moth Rare Why be so Mucky?
Grubby Rare A grubby grub
Splat Spider Common The Spider Splated!
Splaterpiller Common Splatapiller,ack-oon to Gutter-Fly
Bin-sects Rare (Bin-sects Team Bio)
Rubbish Rabbit Rare A Hop Slop away from the Rotty Carrot!
Bad Bird Rare The Baddest Bird Ever!
Puking Parrot Common Stop Puking!
Iratating Cokatoo Common I Iratate You!
Foul Fox Common The Fox turned Foul!
Dingy Dalmation SE The odd 102nd Dalmation
Splat Cat Ultra Rare The Cat That Splats!
Sicken Rare A Sick Chicken
Bin Critters Rare (Bin Critters Team Bio)
Crud Cake Common Make Oozey Noodles
Sour + Sour Sauce Rare More Sour,Less Sweet!
Rubbish Rogan Josh Common Spice Rice and Loo Lamb
Spice Rice SE Spicy Ricy
Cus-Turd Tart Ultra Rare Turd Tart
Foul Frog Leg Common Can't Hop!
Sticky Soup SE The Soup is Sticky!
Crab Sick Rare Sick Crab Stick
FotW Rare (FotW Team Bio)
Awful Ogre Ultra Rare Ooze Backstroke Champion!
Dead Zombie Rare Need Stained Brains!
Mucas Mummy Common Wipe Your Butt on Me!
Gunky Ghost Rare Ghost that can be Seen!
Puking Phoenix Common Fired Spew!
Spew-nicorn SE Spewing Unicorn!
Wofel Wizard Common Aberaca-STAB-ra
Bin Monsters Rare (Bin Montsters Team Bio)
Dunny DS Common 3 PEE-s
Trash Truck Rare Truck coverd in Trash!
Crash Car Common The Car Crashed!
Reeking Rattle Ultra Rare Not Even a Baby wants it!
Clogged Blocks Rare Stuck Together!
Sick Doll Ultra Rare Miss Polly had a dolly who made her Sick!
Cruddy Cot Common Cot That Rotts!
Dank DVD Rare Scratched to Death!
Trash Toys Rare (Trash Toys Team Bio)
Foul Fork Ultra Rare Made From Broken Metal!
Nasty Knife Ultra Rare Blunt Blades!
Shatterd Plate Ultra Rare Shatterd Plate = Cut Feet!
Sour Spoon Ultra Rare Spoon of Sourness!
Sick Sink Ultra Rare Full of Wart-er!
Burnt Stove Ultra Rare Stove On FIRE!
Trashy Table LE The termite a-TRASH-ter!
Putrid Placemat LE Coverd in Muck and made to Suck!
Cracked Vase LE Don't CRACK me up!
Foul Flower LE A set of Trashie Twins
Crud Chair LE A chair of Crud!
Mucky Meal LE A Trashie Delight!