Collection X is the new collection of trading cards for Unnamed Series.

The bottom of the cards is brown.

The tins are: Spicy Takis, Sweat Honey, and Hot Chocolate Mix.

The special editions are GID, and the ultra rares are magnetic. The limited editions are very shiny, some gold.

The dice are renamed "Dumpster Dice, (singular=Dumpster Die)" and are brown, white, and periwinkle.


Trashie TC Line Rarity
Tacky Taki "Disgusting & Combusting!" Common, Glossy
Awful Waffle "Tasted then wasted." Common, Glossy
Smushroom "Want some trash on that pizza?" SE, GID, Glossy
Sloppy Joe "Maggots, mushed meat---what a treat!" Common, Glossy
Smelly Rancher "He's a smelly good fellow!" Common, Glossy
Lice Cream Cone "Freeze & Sneeze!" Rare, Glossy
Nasty Burrito "Just need to fill up my gas tank." Rare, Glossy
Oozey Quesadilla "Cut the cheese!" Common, Glossy
Stank Steak "This steak ranks." Common, Glossy
Key Slime Pie "Slime & Dine." Common, Glossy
Sick Licorice "Don't get tied up in trash." Rare, Glossy
Snot Chocolate "That's snot funny!" Common, Glossy
Maggot Magnet "Not so attractive." Rare, Glossy
Tooth Waste "Trash your teeth twice a day!" Common, Glossy
Sham-Poo "Reek 'n' Rinse!" Rare, Glossy
Gutter Guitar "Mucky music to my ears." Common, Glossy
Trashy Totem "Trash on top, slime on bottom." Rare, Glossy
Moss Floss "Moss your teeth once a day!" Common, Glossy
Bin-Foil "Wrap it in trash." Common, Glossy
Bed Head "TBA" SE, GID, Glossy
Burnt Bulb "TBA" Common, Glossy
Trash Tape "Stick & Icky!" Common, Glossy
Trash Tub "Remember to scrub behind your rear!" Common, Glossy
Gym Sock "Too sweaty for me!" Common, Glossy
Scabinet "Store your trashy food." Common, Glossy
Dumped Dragonfly "TBA" Common, Glossy
Pale Bug "I think I'm gonna be sick!" Common, Glossy
Stink Bug "Trash smells. Deal with it." Common, Glossy
Litter Bug "I stink, litterally." Rare, Glossy
Scentipede "TBA" Rare, Glossy
Moss-Quito "What a rotty mozzie!" Common, Glossy
Germite "Chewing & Spewing." Common, Glossy
Mud Slug "Will you be my muddy buddy?" SE, GID, Glossy
Sweat Bee "I bet he's got sweat!" Rare, Glossy
Germ-it Crab "TBA" SE, GID, Glossy
Messy Mutt "And Stinko was his name-o!" Common, Glossy
Spew Fish "One fish, two fish, red fish, spew fish." Rare, Glossy
Pooey Panda "Shamboo for breakfast anyone?" Common, Glossy
Giddy Pig "Squeak & Reek." Common, Glossy
Trash Turkey "Belongs on the harm farm." Rare, Glossy
Dump Deer "TBA" Common, Glossy
Junk Monkey "Poo poo ah ah!" Common, Glossy
Slob Frog "Do the slop hop!" Common, Glossy
Mouse Trap "Rats! Boiled again!" Rare, Glossy
Sea Grotter "He puts the "sea" in crud!" Common, Glossy
Pee Puddle "Feeling flushed?" SE, GID, Glossy
Moss Fossil "What an awful fossil!" Rare, Glossy
Rotted Rex "From peehistoric times." Rare, Glossy
Dump Dragon "Slay that trash dragon!" Common, Glossy
Monster Mush "Trash all mashed." Common, Glossy
Boogie Man "No one nose the answer." Common, Glossy
Vomit Zombie "Mmmm! Trash brains!" Rare, Glossy
Grime Ghoul "Horrid horror!" Common, Glossy
Binvisible Man "Now spew see me, now spew don't." Common, Glossy
Slimy Soccerball "Go for the garbage goal!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Flattened Football "Bin for the trash touchdown!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Vile Volleyball "He's gonna slime spike it!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Bad Baseball "What a foul ball!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Bog Basketball "Sham dunk!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Cack Racket "It's a slob lob!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Grimy Glove "Pee strikes and you're out!" Ultra Rare, Magnetic
Awful Award "I grot an award!" LE, Shiny
Dirty Certificate "Bad aroma on a diploma." LE, Shiny
Bin Ribbon "You won a putrid prize!" LE, Shiny
Moldy Medal "TBA" LE, Shiny
Crud Cup "The goblet of foul!" LE, Shiny
Trash Trophy "Congratulations, you bin!" LE, Shiny


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