This page is for adding trading card lines to REAL trashies/UFTs. Anyone can edit (besides random contributors). Please add your own trading card lines to trashies or UFTs, but don't remove someone else's if you also have a line for that trashie. Simply put a slash (and asterisk(s)), and then add your line in quotes. Do NOT add your own TC Lines. This is for real trashies only!


Phanpy444= *

Dripsy123= **

Dani3204= Dani

Supereggy5= *5

Mondimondo= *6


Tjerman= *T

Coolkid110= ****



Series 1

  • Mouldy Milk: "A curdled delight!" ****
  • Snotten: "Snotty & Rotty." *
  • Germ Worm: "Worm's got Germs." *
  • Flesh-Eating Virus: Human on rye, and hold the mayo.88
  • Scum Gum:"Watch your step.90
  • Smelly Sock:What stinks?*****

Series 2

  • Zapper: "Who needs a trash charge?" *
  • Burny: "All Fired Up!"**
  • Dripzy: "Painting Trash Town red".**
  • Vile Hi-Fi: "The trashy sound of music!"**
  • Spew-Getti: "Mamma Mia!"88
  • Alley Alien: "Extra Trashrestial" *5
  • Yuk Duck "The Ugly Duckling" *5
  • Grotty Fruity: "Your daily source of Vitamin T!"
  • Grot Bot: "Does not compu-trid." ****
  •  Septix: Money down the drain90
  • Cerry-ill:What Cery-ill do you like?*****

Series 3

  • Shockoli: "With a cacky taste!" ****
  • Cacky Cake: "Piece of Cack." *
  • Junk Mail: "You've got Stale Mail!"**
  • Cringe Chilli: "A tobasco fiasco!"
  • Sticky Pop: What a sucker! (t)
  • Poop Monster: I'll wipe you out!
  • Ooze Ogre:I'm bathing in ooze!*****
  • giddy squid:i got stink ink

Series 4

  • Mashed Meat: "Mashed & Trashed." *
  • Gross Goulash: "Enjoy some grot goulash! ****
  • Zapped Lamp: "Watta shockin' lamp!"**
  • Cruddy Cow Skull:"The cow didn't make it!"88
  • Oozey Noodles:Any toppings for that ,sir?*****

UFT/Scrap Racers

  • Martial Farts: "Just got my cack belt." */ "Let it Rip!" *
  • Litter Lion: "From the Poo Zoo" *5
  • Pootenant: "Reporting for doody" *5
  • Spill Sargeant: "Slop and give me 20!"
  • Trashinator: "It's time to take out the trash!" *
  • Cack Hammer: "Drill and Spill." *
  • Kung Spew: "Beware the trash!" *

Series 5

  • Slimy Spitball: "He shoots, he gores!"
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