The Trash Factory was released with Series 5 part 2, and like Series 5 part 2, It was the final play-set made by Moose. The other play-sets in the following 7 series were adopted By fans. The Trash Factory is like the Scum Drum. Comes with 5 exclusive trashies, a deck of cards, Club Trash Pack certificate (not my idea) and 2 Series 5 Ultra Rares!


Trash Factory is a large green wheelie bin lying on it's side, and is 60 centimeters long. Like the Scum drum, it comes with 2 launchers and can do similar games. You can also open The Trash Factory, where you put your trashie or trashies in the top vent. You then wind the lever up to 5%, and when your trashies come out, they'll be in different colours! (e.g.: White yuck duck = yellow, orange and teal.) If you insert a mini trash, they become larger! And if you put in a furry trashie (series 2) It looses its fur!



  • Bashed Box (Exclusive)
  • Cruddy Cartridge (Exclusive)
  • Clogged Drain (Exclusive)
  • Barrel 'o' Trashie (Exclusive)
  • Trash Truck (Exclusive)

Series 5's

  • Viral Viruses (Ultra Rare)
  • Mucky Mutant (Ultra Rare)