Holiday Trash are a new spin-off series by Moose. They were released in 2014. They are trashies based off of holidays. There are four teams: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. There are limited editions that have a glossy look. The special editions are Light-Up trashies. They have a little fluorescent bulb inside them that, when you press the button inside them, they light up different colors. For example, Loo Lights can glow blue, red, or green. Each SE only glows one color, but to make them glow different colors, you have to get a different color of that SE. The bins are replaced with multi-colored presents. They come in mostly the same packs as the normal trashies. There are playsets too, like the Stench Sleigh.


  • Stench Sleigh (comes with 2 exclusives: Pained-deer & Cack Sack)



  • Cracked Egg
  • Gold Rot (gold pot)
  • East-Turd Bunny
  • Cruddy Clover
  • Gross Groundhog


  • Feral Fireworks
  • Cruel Pool
  • Dunny Sunny


  • Smelleton
  • Gross Ghost
  • Tacky Turkey
  • Gross Gravy
  • Cramberry Sauce
  • Bum Bun


  • Sooty Santa
  • Folly Dolly
  • Grott Stocking
  • Ooze Ornament
  • Trash Tree
  • Loo Lights
  • Piggy Pudding (figgy pudding)
  • Cringerbread Man (not copied)
  • Chucked Chocolates
  • Sweetfarts

more coming soon...

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