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Lazy Gravy Ultra Rare

Lazy Gravy Is a Series 14 Trashie.He is Gravy in a Gravy Boat from The Grubz Team.


This old Gravy Boat is full of old Gooey Gravy you don't want on ANY meat!He's Sooooooooooooooooo lumpy and chunky that he can destroy ANY meal!

Genral Bin-fo

Trash Town Hangout:Grot Pots

Team:The Grubz



TC Line:"Goo up your Mucky Meat."

Colours and Rairities:Green:Rare Yellow:Ultra Rare Blue:Common


  • Moose said that he was origanly going to be Actual Gravy like all Oozey,But they changed it because it would be to similler to Gross Goulash.
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