These are the new Scrap Racers from Unnamed Series lll. They have 6 new sets that you can take apart with a special screwdriver thing and customize your own car. A new feature is that you can now collect 25 different trashies in 5 Packs and 2 Packs. These trashies are completely new, and are not available in the vehicles. They are also not exclusive. These packs were not available in the previous series.


  • Barf Beehive
  • Musty Mailbox
  • Bone Kart Beware
  • Recycled Rollercoaster
  • Web Wagon
  • Slimy Spook Speeder



  • Dunny Honey
  • Bin Bills
  • Phony Bone
  • Slimy Seatbelt
  • Slobweb
  • Cack-O-Lantern

Collection Packs:

  • Phlegm-P3 Player
  • Crud Crib
  • Foul Towel
  • Sick Picture
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