These are the Scrap Racers for Series 40. There are now race track playsets. There are also new Master Racers.


  • Boggy Bike
  • Crushed Car
  • Mucus Monster Truck
  • Rash Radio
  • Drab Door


  • Wicked Wheel (car)
  • Putrid Pedal (bike)
  • Poor Door Knob (door)
  • Pee CD  (radio)
  • Poo Tattoo (monster truck)

Race Tracks

  • Sickly Speed Way
  • Rancid Race Track (original race track)
  • Wicked Wobbly Bridge

Master Racers

  • Scar Race Car (sicky speed way)
  • Putrid Popcorn (rancid race track)
  • Rancid Rope  (wicked wobbly brige)

Master Vehicles

  • Hot dog cart (collectors case)

Note: Master racer cars need batteries to go at full speed. Using the other things makes them go like only half the speed. The batteries make them go fast.

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