The Scrapped Series of the Trash Pack was replaced by Series 5. The Trashies came in brown wheelie bins. The 2 packs were grey dumpsters. Scrapped Series is available in the UK and will soon be released world wide. 2 new categories were added to this Series: Wild Trashies (Replacing Bin critters) and Sewage Trashies (Replacing Bin Monsters). The Line of Ultra Rares were "Lost Trashies" (Lost toys, pets etc) and felt cold and were completely black. The Limited Editions are now in each Category and are Transparent. The special editions are metallic (Gold, Silver and Bronze.)


Lost Trashies

  • Tattered Teddy Bear
  • Broken bag
  • Icky ID (Special Edition)
  • Dirty Dog
  • Perished Parrot
  • Curdled Cat
  • Cruddy Car

Wild Trashies

  • Loopy Lion
  • Menacing Monkey
  • Gull-Gore (Special Edition)
  • Tyrant Tiger(Limited Edition)
  • Slimy Snake
  • Gunky Gorilla
  • Ocker Orangutang
  • Unlucky Lizard

Sewage trashies

  • Murky Water
  • Mucky Mud
  • Walloped Wall
  • Gross Gauge
  • Spew-Poo (limited Edition)
  • Gunky-goo (Special Edition)


  • Festering Flies
  • Sick-a-pede (Limited Edition)
  • Rigid Roach (Special Edition)
  • Fuss-Mites
  • Acid Ant
  • Gloomy Grub
  • Squirm Worm

Hard Rubbish

  • Tattered Tyre (Special Edition)
  • Pukey Plates (Limited Edition)
  • Popped Balloon
  • Horrible Hutch
  • Dumpster Doll
  • Wacky Wheelie bin
  • Barrel 'o' Trashie
  • Cruddy Trash Can
  • Junk Jar
  • Ersatz Envelopes

The Grubz

  • Steak Mistake
  • Scummy Sausage
  • Shamburger
  • Feral Fries
  • Choke-a-late
  • Mouldy Mustard
  • Cruddy Carrot
  • Greasy Gherkins
  • Arti-chokes