• These trashies belong to Orbitball,also the creator of Series 11.*

This series of trashies features Giant trashies which come in a special kind of pack.There is also no limited edition for this series.

The Grubz

  • Pee Punch
  • Gross Toast(Giant Trashie)
  • Barfana
  • Tac-no
  • Slime-o Bacon

Hard Rubbish

  • Gross Gun
  • Farty Photo
  • Pee-Mote
  • Unstable Table(Giant Trashie)
  • Broken Brick


  • Centi-peed(Giant Trashie)
  • Squirm Worm
  • Sick Tick
  • Pee Flea
  • Dragon-die

Bin Critters

  • Horrid Hyena
  • Dead Dog
  • Gunky Giraffe(Giant Trashie)
  • Trashy Tiger

Junky Jobs

  • Pee-rate
  • Butt Builder(Giant Trashie)
  • Dirty Doctor
  • Po-LICE Officer(Get it?Lice?Po-Lice Officer?)

Play Sets/Accesorys

  • Dunk'n Coaster(A roller coaster for your trashies to ride)
  • Farting Fish(a game where you have to fling your trashies into the middle and not into the fish's mouth.Each player starts with 10 trashies to fling.The first person with all their trashies in the middle wins.I suggest using all different trashies for each player and writing them down so you dont get mixed up.)


  • Farting Fish was gonna be called Farting Frogs.But it was too similar to Flippin' Frogs.So,the idea was scrapped.
  • Junky Jobs was gonna be called Junk Jobs without a y.But the idea was changed to JunkY Jobs.