The Logo

Series 14 has green wheelie bins,big bin GID.SE's are Warm Up Trash which warm up when you squeeze them.They come in Green,Red and Orange.The Ultra Rare batch are Wood Trash where there centre is made of wood.They come in Brown and Green.Mini Trashies are back and come in Blue,White and Grey.They are Rare.Bin Monsters get replaced by Mu-sick.Bin Critters get replaced by Sewer Trash.Bin-Sects get replaced by School Trash.The logo is a Trash Bag overflowing.

Playsets (or spin of series)

  • Trash Decks
  • Trash Mountain


The Grubz

Hard Rubbish

School Trash

Sewer Trash


Ultra Rare Wood Trash

Limited Edition


  • This is one of the Biggest Series yet with 215 Trashie in total!


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