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Barf Jar Ultra Rare

These Trashies are the GROSSEST Hard Rubbish Crew yet!These 15 Trashies are hidden in 5 Packs,2 Packs,Ooze Packs,Dunk'n'Fizz Packs,Foil Bags and 12 Packs for you to Find!


  • Weak Speaker
  • Slopping Board(chopping board)
  • Bath Splat(bath mat)
  • Cacky Clock
  • Fright Bulb
  • Cacky Vacume
  • Barf Jar
  • Dread Phones
  • Shocked Box(SE)
  • Faker Paper
  • Spewy Newspaper
  • Rubbish Rubber Band
  • Hurtin' Curtin
  • Sicture Frame(picture frame)
  • Scared Brush(hair brush)(SE)


HARD RUBBISH TEAM: These are the broken bits of trash that pile up around the house. Smelly old chairs, drippy paint cans and trashed TV sets - your garage is a gold mine for these trashy treasures!

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