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Lazy Gravy Ultra Rare

These Trashies are the GROSSEST Trashies from The Grubz yet!These 60 Trashies are hidden in 5 Packs,2 Packs,Ooze Packs,Dunk'n'Fizz Packs,Foil Bags and 12 Packs for you to Find!


  • Snotty Carrot(SE)
  • Putrid Peanut
  • Slipper(banana skin)
  • Sick Biscut
  • Bog Food(dog food)
  • Boring Orange Juice
  • Stale Kale
  • Smell-ery(cellery)
  • Butt Cutlet
  • Dead Bread(SE)
  • Scary Floss(fairy floss)
  • Lazy Gravy
  • Trashed Tomato
  • Lollie Slop(lollie pop)
  • Boggy Beatroot
  • Pork Smelly(pork belly)
  • Bad Radish
  • Pee Bag(tea bag)
  • Putrid Pumpkin(SE)
  • Stuffed Sausage


THE GRUBZ TEAM: If it's covered in mold, passed it's Use By Date and smells old - it's part of The Grubz! These are food Trashies that are far from fresh. Find them in your feral fridge, pukey pantry or unlucky lunch box!

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