suprise tricked you on the realease date so here we are series 45 this came after series SS923 they come in bog bags ultra rare collum is electricaty brothers and the special editons are zapper trash they make a shock when you hold them the logo is a person farting

the grubz

banna splited

shock-late chip cookie

munched munchkin



stink shrimp

do not (donut)

green beans (get it your green when your sick)

mashed potatos (get it mashed)

p-ooooowwww-derd sugar

pee plants

dunny sunflower

poot root

garbege grass

smelly stem

snot flower pot

spoil soil

scorn acorn

hard rubbish

shock clock

shock sock

ill windmill

gakky grill

spill drill

ick stick

shock chalk


horrid hellmet

poo doo doll

bin critters



green wolverine

trash tiger

saber loo-th tiger

junk jaguar

loo leapord

cacky chimp

ultra rare electricaty brothers

wicked wire

smell-aphone pole

puke powerline

putrid plug

more soon

limated editon crud  cartoons


cloudy with a chance of reakballs

mess jessie

wizzards of waverly discrace

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