This is the series replacing Series 35 because too many things were already done in Unnamed Series IV. The ultra rare team is Ancient Trash, which are stuff from Ancient Greece. The special editons are Snow Trash, covered in real snow. I am replacing Food Of The World and Trash Toys with Magic Trash and Goo Games. they come in white milk cartons the logo is a person farting thelogo with trashapillar and blow fly is now sewer goop and buzz puzz engoy

The Grubz:

  • Borange Orange
  • Pee Peas (S.E)
  • Dread Bread
  • Lice Rice
  • Ooze Oatmeal
  • Cacky Croissant
  • Ick Stick
  • Toe-mato
  • Poo-berry
  • Crap Apple
  • Sneezecake
  • Poo Noodles
  • Cruel Cactus
  • Loo Goo
  • gas-sorole
  • tough taffe
  • bunoin onion
  • l-ill-ly pad
  • poo potato

Hard Rubbish:

  • Fart Coloring
  • Pee Deodorant
  • Pus Bus
  • Icky Iron
  • Cacky Cupboard
  • Sickly Shelf
  • Cuckoo! (bird coming out of clock)
  • Bashed Bullet
  • Grot Bottle (S.E)
  • Goo Shoe
  • Slop Mop (not copied)
  • rancid razor
  • cacky cardboard
  • cacky checker
  • mold magnet
  • scar jar
  • stink seatbelt
  • rancid rock
  • goo granet

Fractured freezer Bin Critters:

  • Hurl Squirrel
  • Hurl Crab (hermit crab)
  • Scab Crab (S.E)
  • Cruel Mule (not copeid)
  • Awful Ape
  • ooze ostrich
  • dull bull
  • rac-poon

Magic Trash:

  • Wicked Wand (S.E)
  • Mashed-gican (magician)
  • Scab Rabbit
  • Horrid hat


  • Loo Ladybug
  • Sick Tick (S.E)
  • sickly slatter

ultra rare anchient trash

  • putrid prymad
  • bin-dian (indian)

more coming soon....

limated editon house trash

  • wicked window (1)
  • cacky chair (5000)
  • pee tv (5500)
  • dread bed (100,000)

goo games

fumes and ladders

off operatoin

connect poor

butt bingo


1 this has the least limated editons

2 wicked winddow is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to find with only 1

3 hurl crab and scab crab are the same thing

4 bin-dian is a actual person and not a trashie

5 tough taffe looks exactly like tough toffe

6 borange orange got the idea by anoying borange from trash tv

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