When Moose was creating Series 5, they split it in two parts, because it was to complex for 1 series. Trash Pack Series 5 part 2 is the final series created by Moose. The other 7 series that follow are adopted by Fans. Series 5 part 2 also have one small glow in the dark toilet containing an exclusive trashie, a Club Trash Pack certificate (not my idea), a deck of cards that feature the trashies inside and the Grey wheelie bin from series 5 part 1. Some pack s now contain a hidden trashie at the bottom of the pack. These trashies can also be viewed in the Replaced Category created by me.

Sewage Trashies

*Mr. Hankey
*Dingy drain
* Manky Mud
* Leaking Tub
* Stained Walls
* Drain-Clogged critters (Special Edition Swelling Trashies)
* Wacky Water
* Ranked Roof

Sport Trash (Scrapped)

*Fractured football
*Gunky goal (Special Edition Swelling Trashies)
*Soggy Shoes
*Raggedy Rags
*Hacked Howzat
*Clanked-Cricket Helmet
*Mouldy Medal

Mutated Trash

*Mucky Mutant
*Viral Viruses
*Murky Water
*Cacky Trash Combo (Special Edition Swelling Trash) (can be personalized in different ways.)
*Lavatory Laboratory
*Mouldy Medicines
*Trauminator (the terminator)