Series 8 is the eighth series of The Trash Pack. It was released around September of 2019 in the U.S. and March in Australia. There are 120 Trashies to collect in this series. The special edition trashies are giant trashies, which are 3 times the size of normal trashies. The ultra rare trashie team for series 1 is the Sickly Stackers which are trashies that can be stacked on top of each other. There are 3 limited edition trashies to collect as well. This time, Trashies come packaged in candles.


  • 2 Pack ( 2 trashies, 1 candle)
  • 5 Pack (5 trashies, 3 candles)
  • 12 Pack (12 trashies, 3 small candles, 2 large candles)


Junk Food

  • Bloatato (Orange, Purple, Pink)
  • Ham Booger (Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Snotdog (Red, Grey, Purple)
  • Mushy Slushie (Orange, Green, Pink)
  • Sick Chips (Red, Orange, Yellow)
  • Taco-Smell (Orange, Green, Blue)
  • Sickin' Wings (Grey, Purple, Pink)
  • Bubble Scum (Cyan, Orange, Red)
  • Lollie Plop (Yellow, Blue, Green)
  • Mouldy Mint (White, Green, Blue)
  • Rancid Onion Ring (Blue, Green, Pink)
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