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INCOMPLETE. Series 9 is the ninth series of trash pack. The wheelie bins are dark green and the special editions are talk trash (trashies that have voices).

When EPICMAN7556 wrote them down. It had pic of some trashies.


The Grubz

  • Scrap Sausage
  • Mushed Room
  • Lice Krispies
  • Onion Wrong (talk)
  • Dough-Not

Hard Rubbish

  • Cacky Glue
  • Wrecked Rack
  • Doo-Doo Door (talk)
  • Sweat Scissors
  • Wee Wii

Bin Critters

  • Acne Ape
  • Zit Zebra (talk)
  • Pus-sy Cat
  • Sickmunk
  • Bin Beaver
  • Waste Wolverine

Bin Monsters

  • Attacked Tooth
  • Garbage Golem
  • Dingy Dragon

Beach Trash

  • Belch Ball (talk)
  • Cruddy Catfish
  • Awful Angler
  • Slimy Sunscreen
  • Waste Whale

Limited Editon Ranksgiving Feast

  • Trashed Potatos
  • Grot Gravey (talk)
  • Teribble Turkey
  • Mud Pie


  • Lice Krispes name was orignally "Mice Krispes."
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