Sequel to Series L, Series K is dirtier, grimier and mouldier than Series L!


For the prequel, click here

Since Series L has white wheelie bins, Series K has white trash cans.

Special Editon are Smelly Trash (not copied).

The Grubz


Pecky Peppermint

Mucky Mandarin

Savage Cabbage

Putrid Papiya

Oozels (noodles) (Smelly Trash)

Choke Coke (coke BOTTLE)

Horrible Honey

Hard Rubbish

No-Kart (go-kart) Trash Tap

Rotten Rooftile

Unhelpful Helmet

Pooped Pants (Smelly Trash)

Terrible T-shirt

SPROING! (jack-in-the-box)

Putrid Planks

Smear Gear (cog)

Fart Dart (Smelly Trash(get it, farts smell))(not Copied)


Dusty Dustmite

Bugged Bug

Tricked Trillobite

Cacky Cockroach

Trash Computer (Replaces Bin Monsters!)

Cursed Cursor

Kacky Keyboard

Broken Link

Bin-ternet (Smelly Trash)

Goo-gle Seach

Awful App

Loo-top (laptop)

Shoop Da Poop




Bin Critters

Stinky Sloth (Smelly Trash)

Turd-le (not copied)

Rubbish Rodent

Reesy Rabbit (has anyone come up with this yet??)


More Plant Trash

Vile Vegies (not copied)

Rotten Rose

Flu-lip (tulip) (Smelly Trash)

Dank Daisies

Wee Weeds

Putrid Pollen

Limited Edition

Stupid Stocking (500)

Cacky Candy Cane (670)

Choo-Choo Trash Train (250)

Oozey Ornament (1,000)

Wrecked Wreath (2,500)

Brittle-toe (mistletoe)(5,000)

Exclusive (Burrito Trash!) lol

Yucky Burrito

Grotty Burrito

Mouldy Burrito


Gross Burrito

Ugly Burrito

Cacky Burrito

Disgusting Burrito

Oozey Burrito


Turd-le's Burrito Factory (includes Turd-le, Oozey Burrito and Ugly Burrito)

Mexican Food Shop (includes Grotty Burrito, Disgusting Burrito and Yucky Burrito)

Don't Fart! (includes Butt-rito, (get it, farts come from butts) Fart Dart and Mouldy Burrito)


  • There aren't very many Bin-sects.
  • There are no Undergroud Trash; well atleast not yet!
  • Wee Weeds does not play a DS.
  • Unlike others series playsets, all playsets in this series have three trashies, two exclusive and one normal one.
    • With the exeption of Mexican Food Shop, having three exclusive trashies.
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