This page is only for Orbitball, Phanpy444 & Dani3204.

The trashies now come in black wheelie bins. This Series includes special edition Sound Trashies that when you squeeze them,they make a sound. Also the other Special Editions are Light Up Trash. The ultra-rares are the new spongy Candy Trash. The codename is Series ABC.Bin-sects is replaced by Pee-reals(Cereals)which are made up cereals.The logo is someone barfing.


Series ABC P444

A Logo.

  • Waxy Taxi(Comes with Boggy Doggy and Nibbled Kibble)

The Grubz

  • Scorn Dog
  • Pooperoni
  • Pee-zza
  • Puke Pomegranate
  • Salam-pee
  • Killer Chiller(Juice Box)
  • Crammed Cranberry
  • Harmed Parmesan
  • Gritty Granola Bar
  • Harshmallow
  • Chocolate Lava Olden Cake(Chocolate Lava Molten cake)

Hard Rubbish

  • Fume Box (boom box)
  • Trashy Tray (lunch tray)
  • Sloppy Slippers
  • Tacky Test Tube
  • Dread Bed
  • Poopmark(bookmark)
  • Ew SB Drive
  • Barf Binder
  • Chipped Board(Clip Board)
  • Reek Speaker
  • Bin-Oculars
  • Smellescope

(Ultra Rare) Candy Trash

  • Muck Sucker
  • Chunky Chocolate
  • Raw Jawbreaker
  • Junk Jelly Beans
  • Phlegm & M
  • Mouldy Mint
  • Star-worst (starburst)
  • Turds(Nerds)


  • Tossed Trix
  • Cacky Puffs
  • Kruddy Kraves
  • Un-special K
  • Froot Poops
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