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The trashies now come in gray mini toilets. The special editions are hairy trashies. The ultra-rare line is now Haunted Trash. They can glow in the dark and light up when you squeeze them.

The Limited Edition are Game On trash which Glow in the Darks.


The Grubz:

  • Terrible Teriyaki
  • Hater Tots
  • Worn Dog
  • Grotacado
  • Trashy Tea Bag
  • Toe Jam Toast
  • Banana Peel Split
  • Dreadicine

Hard Rubbish:

  • Dustey Dustpan


  • l


  • Shocktail
  • Dreg Nog
  • Barfday Present
  • Melted Candle
  • Throw Up Cake
  • Crude Punch
  • Grimese Lantern
  • Faulty Firecracker
  • Broken Ornament
  • Trashy Tree
  • Oozey Egg
  • Spewy Starry

Trash Toys

  • Rotter Pistol
  • Shamagotchi
  • Vile Vortex
  • Slop Top
  • Poop Hoop
  • Cacky Crayons
  • Rusty Bicycle
  • Pongo Stick

Haunted Trash:

  • Yucky Chucky
  • Booger Man

Limited Edition:

  • Crashed Console
  • Drool Screen
  • Scratched Disk
  • Carnage Cartiage
  • Wrecked Recharger
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