This is the second wave of Unnamed Series.


  • Skummy Skate Park (comes with 2 exclusives: Tooter Scooter & Bi-sickle) (PIace your trashies on these little carts and roll them around.)
  • Air Hockey (mini playset, comes with 2 exclusives: Chucked Puck & Stink Stick) (Takes batteries which aren't included, and plays like normal air hockey. You just put in batteries, turn it on, then take a friend and put your trashies on the red thingies.)


The Grubz:

  • Sick Licorice
  • Sloppy Joe

Hard Rubbish:

  • Trashy Totem
  • Toothwaste
  • Moss Floss


  • Pale Bug
  • Germite
  • Sweat Bee

Bin Critters:

  • Pooey Panda
  • Trash Turkey

Bin Monsters:

  • Monster Mush
  • Binvisible Man


  • Turquoise SE's
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