Snot Chocolate is a Trashie from Series 7. He is in The Grubz crew.


When it is winter and really cold outside drinking Snot Chocolate wouldn't warm you up but will make you be sneezing in bed for weeks. He's full of snot,grot and rot. Trash Town Hangout: Cruddy or Cacky Cafès "Drink it while it's snot!"(Trading Card Line)



General Info:

Series: 7

Team: The Grubz

Finish: Classic

Colours & Rarity: Blue(Common), Cream(Common), Violet(Common)


  • His name was originally Grot Chocolate with a goofy happier face. But then changed to Snot Chocolate after being combined with a Trashie named Snot Water Bottle with the same face.
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