Snot Chocolate is a trashie from Series X. He is in The Grubz team. He's a mug with snot dripping all over him.

Snot Chocolate

Snot Chocolate's artwork.


Snot Chocolate is not going to help you when you're cold. He's been sitting in your fridge for years, completely unnoticed! He got so cold that he sneezed and sneezed! Then, the snot froze and became a permanent part of him! Nasty!

Trading Card Line:

"That's snot funny!"


The back of your fridge!


Colors: Green, brown, and blue

Rarities: Common, common, and common



  • Snot Chocolate in Series 7 is a hot chocolate cup instead of a mug.
  • On the artwork, Snot Chocolate has 4 teeth. But on the figures, he only has three teeth.
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