Supereggytrash is a special series based on Supereggy5's characters, such as Globus, Dappy, etc. Characters only come in one color. 

(characters without names are described by their normal look, not Trashified design)


  • Gross Globus
  • Dank Dappy
  • Unlikeable Una
  • Licy Icy
  • Muck Montu
  • Rick Pooman
  • Icky Nikki
  • Mouldy Mike
  • Crud Cammy
  • Zany Zockun
  • Vile Phone (NOT the same as the Series S character, based on the evil iPhone from the "iBad" episode)
  • Scrap Shork
  • Slimy Screek
  • Snot Storm
  • Ate - Bit
  • Clogged Up Flush
  • The Slob
  • Pee - Za
  • Junky Jimmy
  • Sludge Sphik
  • Unnamed 1 (Round, yellow, carring sword)
  • Unnamed 2 (Round, green, inside sphereical sheild)
  • Unnamed 3 (female, wears large yellow helmet that hides identity)


  • This is the final Supereggy5 series.
  • The first four Trashies are the same as the Limited Editions in Series S, but are not metallic,
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