The Trash Pack 2 and UFT: The Ultimate Battle are new video games coming out in 2013. They are included in a combo package for 35$, (in the US) which is why they are on the same page. It is available for DS and 3DS in all countries.

The Trash Pack 2

This game uses Series 4 trashies instead of Series 1. It is the sequel to the original video game and comes in the combo package. It features 4 new mini-games, and has a brand-new story mode.

Story Mode:

In story mode, you play mini-games with a certain objective to complete.

Trash Climb:

This game is basically like Donkey Kong. You play as a selected trashie, then run up an old rickety construction site while jumping over oil barrels and cliffs.

Reek Rolling:

You use the stylus in this game. Choose a trashie, then spin the barrel in the direction you want to go. You have to avoid the falling soap and cleaning products while collecting trash.

Bin Blimps:

Control a blimp by blowing into the mic to make it rise. You can steer with the stylus or control pads.

Off Operation:

Basically like the game Operation. You use the stylus to carefully lift things out of the sick trashie, then drop them in a bin.

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