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Like Trashies? Want to make up your own? Come on over to the Trash Pack Fan Wiki! Make up anything you want, as long as it´s trash related! You add your own trashies here and it's a fun community! You can add your own series, fav. trashies, or other things, just make sure not to copy anybody's trashies. If you're new here, a good idea would be to take a look at other people's series. This will give you an idea of how to make your own series. To get started, try going to the 'Series' button on the navigation menu. Choose a user, than pick a series. Also, if you are having trouble making a trashie, please refer to this page.

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  1. This wiki is strictly for trashie fan material only. If you have real info, go to The Trash Pack Wiki.
  2. No swearing or using foul language. Remember, this site is for kids too.
  3. Do not, by all means, edit someone else's pages without permission. This will result in a block of varied time.
  4. Please do not bully other users. This will also result in a block of varied time.
  5. Don't take someone's work. We work hard to create fresh trash. "ORIGINAL TRASHIES. DO NOT STEAL." 
  6. Have fun and let your imagination run wild!

Have a nice day :)

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4/6/13 Boo-yah! The wiki now has a logo, a new background, and an overall new layout!

4/7/13 Noticed anything different about the wiki? Well, the search bar is now round in shape, and the edit button now says "Trashify".

4/8/13 Congratulations everybody! Our wiki is looking more official each day! We now have our very own Favicon!

4/19/13 The wiki navigation has been fixed. I took the liberty of organizing things. Hopefully it's a bit easier to navigate now.

4/21/13 Sorry for the delay, guys. I'll be uploading a whole bunch more trashies now that I have my SD Card back.


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