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Like Trashies? Want to make up your own? Come on over to the Trash Pack Fan Wiki! Make up anything you want, as long as it´s trash related! You add your own trashies here and it's a fun community! You can add your own series, fav. trashies, or other things, just make sure not to copy anybody's trashies. If you're new here, a good idea would be to take a look at other people's series. This will give you an idea of how to make your own series. To get started, try going to the 'Series' button on the navigation menu. Choose a user, than pick a series. Also, if you are having trouble making a trashie, please refer to this page.

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  • 8/15/13 Spike is in the house! Hey guys, I'm back for more trashiness! Celebrate!
  • 8/20/13 Spike here! Series IV is back in business, baby! The new release date is the third of October! Get hyped for my biggest series yet! Also, it will be the biggest series on the whole wiki!
  • 8/28/13 Spike here with an update for Series Y! The 3rd "Hey, Who WAS That Guy?" is here! Head to Series Y to see him!
  • 9/6/13 Spike here! I just released the first Series Y: Nasty News! Click here to read it!
  • 9/18/13 Spike here with some pretty big news! I'm now the new owner of the wikia! Hooray! Also, I am finished with the Hints Of The Day. I need to work full-time on Series Y, or I won't finish it by the deadline.


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