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This is the sequel of my first trash pack series. For find the prequel, type "Trash Pack Series X" up.

The Grubz:

-Yuk Cakes

-Dough Nut

-Dirty Nugget

-Un-Happy Meal




-Sour Sweets

-Ugly Soda

Hard Rubbish:

-Sick Bed

-Rotten Boombox

-Pee V

-Grotty Chair

-Ugly Photo

-Covered Cover

-Fool Pool

-P Shirt

Electro Junk (Ultra Rare)

-Samspew Galaxy

-Yuk box 360

-Pee S Vita



-Yuck Tube

-Binternet Explorer


Explosive GIANT trash (SE) (Contains 4 trashies)

-Giant Shrimp

-Giant Bin

-Giant House

-Giant Present

-Giant Truck

-Giant Cake

-Giant Fly

-Giant Ogre

Limited Edition (Trashy Celebrartions)

-Trash or Treat (250)

-Peeaster (500)

-Grotty Christmas (1000)


-Video Game World (Includes Yuk Box 360 and Pee S Vita)

-Music Time (Includes Rotten Boombox and Pee V)

-Yuck-Donalds (Includes Dirty Nugget and Un-Happy Meal)

-5 pack

-12 pack

-Fizz Bag

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