Based on the internet classic, The Trash Pack Garbage Force. 

Trash Space Fighters 9001 (also known as Trash Space Fighters 9000 +1 or TSF9001) is the second season of The Trash Pack Garbage Force. Despite having a new name, the show will barely be affected.

Changes From Garbage Force

  • Putrid Sardine refers to the group as "The Trash Space Fighters" instead of the "Garbage Force".
  • The Street Sweeper, which was taken away in S1 Episode 2, is replaced with a "spaceship".
  • New Intro (Duh)
  • A "secret lair" (which is the Atomic Drim Ooze Chamber) for the team. 


  • Waste of Space
  • tresh pak gerbeg furce
  • Cruddy Clones

MORE COMING... Nooottt very... soon. Seriously, go read the Garbage Force page made in the present. This is from the fuuutuuure.....

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