Trash Town is a town completely covered with rubbish.

The Footy Trashies play in the Trash Town ovals. The Bin Plants and Plant Trash grow around the house and freak out the citizens. The trashies go to the park to see the Bin-Struments play their bands. The Archeo-Trash dig the whole town up hoping to find Underground trash. The Trashtural Disasters go around to destroy the town or at least trashify it. The Junk Jokes play pranks on citizens and trashies. Buggy Games and Trash Computer hang out at the Trash Town Arcade. Cruddy Cartoons try to make the trashies laugh. The Clean Team are evil and try to harm all of the trashies. Burrito Trash wreck havoc at Mexican Resturants. Smelly Trash make the town smell bad. The Growing Trash have dreams to be like the Giant Trashies.

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