This page is the list of trashie emoticons you can use during the chat. Only add a trashie if you actually created that emoticon. Please leave suggestions in the comments below. If you can't wait for me to get to the next series, just tell me which trashie it is you want on the chat. It will be added immediately.


Series 1:

  • Blowfly's head: (blowfly)
  • Trashapillar's head: (trashapillar)
  • Scum Gum's head: (scum gum)
  • Smelly Fish's head: (smelly fish)
  • Mouldy Milk's head: (moldy milk) & (mouldy milk)
  • Grott Dog's head: (grott dog) & (grot dog)
  • Putrid Pizza's head: (putrid pizza)
  • Garbage Egg's head: (garbage egg)
  • Rotten Apple's head: (rotten apple)
  • Puke Pod's head: (puke pod)
  • Stinky Soda's head: (stinky soda)
  • Loo Paper's head: (loo paper)
  • Rancid Steak's head: (rancid steak)
  • Foul Nugget's head: (foul nugget)
  • Awful Pie's head: (awful pie)
  • Dump-ling's head: (dump-ling)
  • Putrid Sardine's head: (putrid sardine)
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