These are the all new UFTs from Unnamed Series lll. They have the same groups as the original UFTs. The 12 pack comes with a large dark green bin. The 3 Packs return from the previous series. Once again, there are five specially designed arenas, each with a Master Trashie. The Monster Trash from the last couple series are now Army Trash once again.


  • Monster Arena (spiked fences, slime ground, and trash; comes with Creepzo)
  • Gladiator Arena (bleachers instead of fences, dusty ground, and trash; comes with Bonkers)
  • Water Arena (glass fences, watery ground, and trash; comes with Cack Kraken)
  • Volcano Arena (rocky fences, fiery ground, and trash; comes with Litter Lava)
  • Myth Arena (rusty fences, grassy ground, and trash; comes with Beast Buffalo)


Wild Trash:

  • Trash Giraffe
  • Rabbid Rabbit
  • ill Gorilla
  • Boxer Fox
  • Ripped Hippo
  • Bad Badger
  • Trashy Toad

Fighting Trash:

  • Bin Ninja
  • Nasty Knight
  • Pooey Pirate
  • Stenchsei
  • Grotty Karate
  • Sickboxer
  • Junk Judo
  • Cruddy The Clown

Food-Fight Trash:

  • Gooey Gravy
  • Fartar Sauce
  • Tossed Cookie (get it? Heh heh.)
  • Fartuccine Alfredo
  • Tossed Applesauce
  • Splat Pea Soup
  • Egg Slop Soup
  • Cack 'N' Cheese

Army Trash:

  • Mold Soldier
  • Cruddy Commander
  • Puke Nuke
  • Rank Tank (not copied)
  • Cack Cannon
  • Messy Missile
  • Officer Stank
  • Private Puke
  • Captain Trash

Master Trash:

  • Bonkers (troll with 2 clubs)
  • Creepzo (3-eyed monster)
  • Cack Kraken (squid-like monster)
  • Litter Lava (lava monster)
  • Beast Buffalo (minotaur)


  • 12 Characters Pack
  • 1 Pack
  • Spin Bin Booster Pack (comes with 3 spin bins)


  • A lot of the names of the Food Fight Trash get repetitive.
  • Ripped Hippo doesn't mean shredded, it means strong or buff.
  • The glass fences in the Water Arena aren't made out of glass.

more coming soon...

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