UFT Series A is one of Dani3204's pages. The groups are the same as normal UFT's. The Trash Cans are yellow, and there are now 6 packs. There is also rarities.


Wild Trashies

Squib Squid (common)

Kanga-Poo (common)

Krabby Koala (common)

Scummy Bunny (common)

Scare-pion (rare)

Peebra (rare)

Horrid Hawk (ultra rare)

Slither Snake (special edition)

Food Fight Trashies

Toe-fu (common)

Rotten Rice (common)

Poop Pasta (common)

Mushy Mandarin (common)

Bashed Banana (rare)

Grot Choc (rare)

Punched Pie (ultra rare)

Cukoo-nut (special edition)

Fighting Trashies

Smelliator (common)

Pee Wee Viking (common)

Kung Poo (common)

Junk Jousting (common)

Bad Boxing (rare)

Binja (rare)

Foo-Poo Fencing (ultra rare)

Poomo Wrestler (special edition)

Army Trashies

Crazy Captain (common)

Officer Smellet (common)

Gunk General (common)

Rigaider (common)

Colonel Poop (rare)

Sick Sniper (rare)

Lootenant (ultra rare)

Grotty Grenadier (special edition)

Master Trashies

Trash Masher

Crazy Chomper


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