These are the new UFTs for Unnamed Series. They have the same groups as the original UFTs, except Army Trash are replaced with Monster Trash. The 12 Packs have a large brown bin. There are new 3 Pack Spin Bin Boosters that come with 3 spin bins and 1 trashie. Now there are five arenas instead of 1. Each arena comes with an exclusive Master Trashie. All the arenas have special designs and details, such as the Jungle Arena decorated with vine fences, a leafy ground, and of course, trash. One difference between this and the original UFT is that the 12 Packs are now just as random as the normal trashie line. That means you'll get a wider variety of UFTs, more or less. This time, there is a collector's case where you can store your UFTs. It is like the Series 1 collector's case, but is more heavy duty. The UFTs also fit perfectly into the slots. There is also a spin bin storage case for--well, storing spin bins.

Arenas & Storage

  • Jungle Arena (vine fences, leafy ground,dark green spin bin, and trash; comes with Garbage Grinder)
  • Ghost Arena (smashed window fences, foggy ground, purple spin bin, and trash;comes with Revoltergeist)
  • Sky Arena (cloudy fences, thunder cloud ground, white spin bin, and trash; comes with Zapped Zeus)
  • Earth Arena (dirt fences, dirt ground, brown spin bin, and trash; comes with Killer Driller)
  • Robo Arena (gear fences, cog ground, rust-colored spin bin, and trash; comes with Rusted Robot)
  • UFT Storage Case (comes with 2 exclusives: Pork Chop & Fruit Punch)
  • Spin Bin Storage Case (comes with exclusive gold spin bin)


Wild Trash:

  • Defeata Cheetah
  • Off Orangutan
  • Punch Panda
  • Stink Ray
  • Zap Zebra
  • Antsy Antelope
  • Rotten Rhino

Fighting Trash:

  • Puncha Bunch
  • Fart Fighter

Monster Trash:

  • Slimy Serpent (medusa)
  • Slyclops
  • Junk Giant
  • Stinks Sphinx

Food Fight Trash:

  • Invalid Salad
  • Chopped Onion
  • Botched Nachos
  • Fruit Cacktail
  • Juiced Orange
  • Squeezed Lemon
  • Gutter Butter (not copied)

Master Trash:

  • Garbage Grinder
  • Revoltergeist
  • Zapped Zeus
  • Killer Driller
  • Rusted Robot
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