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Not much is known at the moment, but based on Phanpy's newsletters, we'll be getting more info soon. The
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series will start on 7/05/13. Because of the chemical spill, the typical slime on trashies is replaced by purple, green, and pink chemicals. The series was originally going to be called "Series Y Toxic Trash," but this idea was scrapped. All that is known is this:

Newsletter 1:

  1. There will be new containers for the trashies. Color is unknown.
  2. There are going to be completely original trashies, teams, LEs, SEs, and ultra rares.
  3. A new original team is coming to Trash Town. What could it be?

Newsletter 2:

  1. There is going to be a brand new original spin-off.
  2. There are new trading cards, UFTs, Scrap Racers, and Trash Wheels.
  3. There will be a brand new original special pack.

Newsletter 3:

  1. Bin-Sects are getting replaced.
  2. One of the ultra rare teams is Arctic Trash. It is unknown what they do.
  3. The special editions are "Flimsy Trash."
  4. There will be TWO ultra rare teams.

    Hey, who WAS that guy?

Newsletter 4:

  1. The new spin-off is something called "Litter Launchers."
  2. The new team apparently is "quite toxic." Hmm....
  3. There will be an amazing new playset, which is bigger than all the others.

Newsletter 5:

  1. The series is now rescheduled to a summer release date, rather than May.
  2. The trash keeps on building up! Hmmm.....
  3. There apparently will be a chemical spill in Trash Town. Could this have to do with the new team?

Newsletter 6:

  1. The new team is Trash Wastes. They must come from the chemical spill.
  2. The new pack is "Gushy Gum." It must come with trashy-themed gum. We're just guessing, though.
  3. The new containers are black trash rims. The series is apparently based on wastes and chemicals.

Newsletter 7:

  1. There are new springy trashies. Could these have to do with the Robo Trashies' ability?
  2. Robo Trash have found their way to Trash Town. Is this the other Ultra Rare team?
  3. Litter Launchers are like Nerf guns, except more suited for all ages.

Newsletter 8:

  1. The ultra rare Arctic Trash team are apparently "freezing." Maybe they feel cold in your hands?
  2. There is going to be a new way to collect trashies.
  3. "Trash Tops" are apparently coming soon. Is this another spin-off?

Newsletter 9:
Unknown 2

Hey, who WAS that guy?

  1. Robo Trash are springy, as predicted.
  2. The gigantic playset is Trash Town. It needs to be assembled first.
  3. Ooze Buckets are back, only this time they are called "Snot Buckets." Nasty!
  4. Trash Builders are coming soon. They are like LEGOs, and you can build all sorts of playsets.
  5. Arctic Trash ARE cold. Lucky guess.

Newsletter 10:


  1. Phanpy has revealed that this is his last series.
  2. There is going to be a sub-series called "Teeny Trash," based on the Mini trashies. This probably means they are not returning in the series.
  3. The new method of collecting trashies is just buying them off of a new section of the website. However, the trashies cost a lot more than usual and there are no LEs.
  4. Trash Tops are collectible tops of trashies from this series. They do not battle, and therefore vary from UFTs. They come in 5 packs and 2 packs. They use a rip-cord.
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